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Homeschool Planning Tools

Grab ALL of the FREE curriculum planning tools by clicking below!

Now that your family has created a unique vision for the school year, it is time to plan. First up: Year at a Glance. This is where you sit in the middle of your living room floor and spread out the curriculum and resources you have gathered. Flip through them and make

general plans. These can change, but it'll help you focus, as you will then sit down each week (or every couple weeks) to plan in more detail (see below). You can grab the free PDFs by clicking on the image below. The packet includes a Family Focus Year at a Glance with your family's motto and the individual child year at a glance sheet with blank subjects if you prefer to select your own.

Now you need your weekly plan. Choose a day each week (or maybe every two to three weeks) to sit down and thoughtfully plan. I always plan on Sundays after church and family time. I prep anything we need for the week after filling out the below plans. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is our focus in each content area this month?

  • Do we have any big events, field trips, or special activities happening?

  • What do I think we can REALISITICALLY accomplish? (don't overdo it - be honest with yourself)

  • What goals do I have for our family focus time?

Then you need to grab the FREE weekly family focus fillable PDF. You can customize the subject areas and then print. Grab it using the button below! Or grab the two PDF versions by clicking on the below picture!

Next, it is time to focus on individual children in your home.

  • What is their plan for math, reading, writing, spelling, and anything else you need them to work on?

  • What are they doing with you and what are they doing independently?

  • Do they have a goal they are trying to meet? How can you help them get there?

  • Do they have a particular area you need to spend more time on right now?

Once you have thought about these questions, grab the customizable weekly schedule for each child. You can change the subject areas and put their name at the top. Then print and fill in assignments. I highlight the activities I expect them to complete independently. They can look at the schedule and automatically know what they need to get done during their independent work time.

Click on the image below to grab your child's individual planning templates. I have two templates: with and without subject areas filled out. You can also use the fillable PDF link down below to customize the subject areas.

Need help planning? Reach out! It doesn't have to be intimidating!

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