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Mother Goose Time Unboxing

I am excited to share an amazing preschool curriculum that can be adapted for toddlers through first grade!

I use this curriculum for homeschool but if you have a preschool (in home or a traditional setting) this program is for you too!

Mother Goose Time by Experience Curriculum is the ultimate hands-on, open and go, developmentally appropriate curriculum I have found! If you need a curriculum that:

  • Comes with ready to go crafts

  • Uses music (and has new songs each month)

  • Incorporates social, emotional, physical, and core content areas

  • Comes with read aloud books

  • Uses hands-on games and manipulatives (that come with the kit)

  • Uses real life photographs

  • Is planned for you

... than this curriculum is for YOU!

Want to see what’s included? Check out my unboxing video below! Tune in until the end to find out how it can be adapted for two year olds through first graders!

Want to find out more and order? Check out their website!


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