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Ready for summer learning?

I am sure the “I’m bored” statements have already begun in thousands of households around the country. Luckily, there is always something they can learn or skills they can improve upon during summer. Let’s look at a couple ways to make reading fun this summer!

Comprehension cubes!

Want to make these with your kiddos this summer?Go to my TPT store!

Create a game board where your students can make progress by answering questions about their book! Bonus: They can move two spaces every time they finish a new book. Who will reach the finish line first?!

Here are some questions you could make on your game cards (note: just use index cards):

Within the Text Questions



What was the story about?

What did you learn about _________ (the topic)?

What was ____________’s problem in the story?

What are some of the important facts you read about?

What did __________ do to try and solve the problem?

What did you learn from the picture/photograph/chart/etc?

Summarize the main events in the story.

Give an example of a word from the glossary. (Located at back of book)

Tell some things the characters like to do.

What were the important points made in the text?

Beyond the Text



Why did the character ___________?

What is so important about ____________?

How would you describe the character?

What information does the photograph/heading give you?

How did the character’s feelings change and why?

What was the most important idea in this text?

What was surprising to you in the story?

Why do you think the author wanted to tell you about ____________?

Does this story remind you of anything?

Does this text remind you of anything else?

About the Text



Is this a good title for the piece? Why or why not?

Is this a good title for the piece? Why or why not?

What did the character(s) learn?

Look at the sections and read the headings. Do you think this was a good way to organize the information? Why/why not?

What was the most important part of the story? Why?

How did the author make this text interesting?

How did the author start and end the story? Why did he/she do that?

Look in the text to find some powerful descriptive words. Explain what they mean and why the writer chose to use them.

Why did the author write this?

Why do you think the author wrote this text?


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