Treasure Island: Waterfalls, Caves & Volcanoes

We are wrapping up our Treasure Island unit this week and we saved some of the best for last! We love to explore the outdoors, so this week was right up our alley!

Self directed waterfall art

We started off our week learning about waterfalls (by the way Amazon Prime has soothing waterfall videos which give kids an upfront view of waterfalls). After watching a few videos and reading about waterfalls, I set up an art station. I put some fabulous photographs of waterfalls (thanks Experience Curriculum) out along with some basic supplies: card stock, rocks, glue, coffee filters, tape and markers. Check out the pictures below to see what they created!

Waterfall art by a 4 year old

Waterfall art by a 6.5 year old

Sometimes making a model is helpful for a project but sometimes just laying out real life photographs and letting a child direct their artwork is beneficial! I love the creativity and age appropriate results from each child!

Caves were up next! This was perfect because we may explore Luray Caverns next week! We made fun headlamps and built a cave (complete with bears) in the basement (it was a hot afternoon). The pretend s’mores kit was from the Target Dollar Spot!

Pretend campfire play

Pretend campfire play

Pretend play is so fun and so underrated for older children! It isn’t just for toddlers, it is for ALL AGES. I had fun too for the record. ;)

How about a little volcano exploration? BrainPop has a couple great videos on volcanoes if you are a member! We made two kinds of volcanoes: a more “authentic” looking volcano and then a super fun rainbow volcano!

Rainbow volcano

To make a volcano you need:

  • Paper or plastic cup

  • Baking soda

  • Vinegar

  • Dish soap

  • Food dye

  • Optional: clay/play-doh (to form around cups for a more authentic look)

Now what?

  1. Fill the bottom of your cups about 1/3 the way with baking soda

  2. Add a drop or two of dish soap

  3. Add a drop or two of food dye

  4. When ready to ”erupt” pour in vinegar

It is such a fun experiment! * Post may contain affiliate links*

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