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The following assessments can be administered through The Sophisticated Teacher:

  • WRAT 5 (Wide Range Achievement Test)

  • WIAT 4 

  • WIAT 4 Dyslexia Index

  • Woodcock Johnson IV 

Student Education Plans

Student Education Plans are created for students who need additional assistance in academic, social, and life skills. 

SEP are written per request after the review and/or administration of testing, review of work samples and referrals, observation, and interviews.  

Educational Consulting

Educational Consulting services are provided for:

  • Families who have recently moved into the state of Virginia and are enrolling in private, public, or homeschool programs.

  • Families who are withdrawing from public school and entering private or homeschool programs.

  • Families who are reentering the public school system

  • Families who are in need of additional academic assistance at home

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