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8 Ways to Use Eggs

Spring is officially here, which means plastic eggs are out! My kids seem to love any sort of egg hunt or game when I use them! Here are a few simple ideas for you at home!

  1. Uppercase and lower case match

  2. CVC word match (consonant vowel consonant)

  3. Coins - practice identifying how much each coin(s) are worth

  4. Simple math review: addition, subtraction, multiplication

  5. Skip counting match up

  6. Building numbers: use base ten blocks or counters to build or count out the numbers on a Post-It

  7. Fine motor skills for littles: hide Cheerios or another snack inside the eggs and let your toddler open and close them! Don’t forget to ask them what color each egg is!

  8. Vocabulary review: place a vocabulary word inside the egg and then recite the definition


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