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We are getting ready for our first summer theme! Yes! We school during the summer but not rigorously. We read a LOT and have fun with art projects and science projects.

Oceans, islands, and everything sea is our fun theme this summer. Truth be told we did this last summer and will probably repear next summer because there is so much to learn and so many fun activities! My kids are also O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with the beach, so they have zero complaints about this recurring theme.

Secrets of the Sea Shine-A-Light book in our underwater cave (aka under the stairs)
Secrets of the Sea Shine-A-Light book in our underwater cave (aka under the stairs)

I wanted to share my top book picks during these next few weeks. Check them out below!

Choose Your Own Journey is a fun book for young children. This allows them to decide how the story will turn out! The story can turn out quite silly and ultimately it will give you giggles while reading! To take it a step further with my older children, we do a little fiction book report. You can grab it here!

Shark in the Park is a favorite phonics reader in this house! My oldest gained so much confidence when he began to read this book on his own. We read to kittens at the shelter once a month and he always brings this book along. Seal at the Wheel is a hilarious phonics reader that will keep your newly reading kiddo engaged! Looking for additional phonics readers? Check here!

Ready to incorporate some nonfiction reading? Me too! Under the Sea and Sharks are two beginning reader books with a wealth of information and beautiful photographs! Big Book of Sea Creatures is just that: a book with large fold out pages. All three of my children love this book and it lends to a better understanding of size comparison between sea creatures. Above and Below is a book we get out for many units: oceans, habitats, ponds, animals, and so on. My kids find it so fun to see what is happening behind and under the surface!

If all these wonderful nonfiction books are interesting you and yours, then grab a copy of the animal research report. A great tool for grades kindergarten through third grade!

Don't worry! I did not forget about those of you with toddlers at home (like me!). Under the Sea is a lift the flap book that my two year old adores! This is Crab is such a fun, educational and cute story! It really can be read aloud to all three of my children! My toddler is O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with stickers these days, so the Little Stickers Aquarium book is fun for him!

Too tired to plan an art activity? Sick of getting paint out? Yeah, me too. That's why I grabbed two copies of Fingerprint Activities Under the Sea. It is such a fun, quiet activity book. You could use this for quiet time in their rooms, the car, or outside on a picnic.

These are just a small sampling of the ocean themed books we will use! Some of my favorites. Need more suggestions or help? Email me or click below and check out some exciting new reads!


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