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Dear Homeschool Mama

Homeschool Mom Homeschool Mama
New Homeschool Mom Homeschool Mama

Dear Homeschool Mama (and dads, grandparents),

🛑It is easy to get believe that...🛑

💰Buying the latest educational games will make the year successful

📝Choosing the perfect curriculum will make the year successful

🛠Creating a Pinterest perfect learning space will make the year successful

⏰Crafting a detailed schedule will make the year successful

Are all these things fine? Of course! But if you really want a successful year you’ll . .

🌟 Meet your child where they are

🌟 Set realistic goals and expectations

🌟Be flexible

🌟Plan for some activities and curriculum that are based on high interest

🌟Recognize when you and your child need a break or to switch things up

💜Homeschooling is not without it’s challenges but anything worthwhile isn’t easy. This year may look different than you envisioned but it can still be successful.💜


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