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Inside Our Homeschool Space

Okay - before you look at some pretty, clean pictures of our newly improved homeschool room I want you to see what it looks like when we are doing school throughout the week.

This is reality. I also want to add we homeschool in our yard, at the park with a blanket or at a picnic table, in the car listening to audio books, in bed watching a documentary or reading books, at the kitchen counter while I make dinner (among a million other things), and evening on vacation (yep we bring journals and books always). You don’t NEED a homeschool room.

My first principal (Diane Connolly - she was awesome) said something to me when I was student teaching that always resonated with me ‘Good teachers can teach anywhere and with limited resources.’ Another great principal I had reminded teachers that the Pinterest classroom isn’t what matter.

Having said that, I am slightly OCD and really crave order. So in my world, everything has a place (ask my poor sweet husband).

I also have a LOT of stuff because I teach co-op classes, tutor, and was a full time teacher for almost nine years, in addition to now homeschooling.

Okay, enough chit chat! I’m ready to show you my pretty and functional space!

When I envisioned this space I knew I needed storage for All. The. Things.

On the right side I keep our science, social studies, language, and Bible curriculum supplies. I also keep paper (white card stock and printer paper) readily available, our pencil sharpener, and office supplies I don’t need every day (window markers, Sharpies).

The middle is our artwork display, which I switch out once or twice a month- favorites go in a clear plastic bin I have for each kiddo. I also keep my handy-dandy Cricut, tabletop whiteboard, and ready to use supplies!

Over on the left side I have all of our language arts and math curriculum. Each child gets their own magazine file for each subject area! I also have a bin for overflow resources to quickly grab each week, like journals, printables, or games. Supplies that we consistently use (glue, pencils, coloring utensil, etc) are all kept on this side!

I have four large drawers that I absolutely love! I keep my own supplies in one drawer (with planners and notebooks), a drawer for kids coloring and drawing supplies, Cricut supplies in another, and then misc supplies in the last!

These are counter depth cabinets, so they hold a lot of stuff! All of our manipulatives, science supplies, art supplies, monthly Mother Goose Time curriculum, and our printer is stored in these cabinets.

We have a great magnetic whiteboard at the end of our work table (aka the old kitchen table).

We have a toddler table and a toddler cart for the littlest. It mostly gets dumped these days.

What would a school room be without a book shelf? I rotate books here every so often. They normally reflect our themes and books my children can read aloud (or are learning to read with). Lots of Usborne books as you can see! Need a book? Let me know or check out my book page.


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