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Rainbow Art

Ready for a few simple and fun rainbow art activities? Sure you can paint a rainbow (which we did) but there are so many other ways to explore art!

Sticky Tissue Paper

All you need are two supplies for some great entertainment: a roll of contact paper and some tissue paper squares (or cut your own if you have tissue paper around the house).

We made rainbow “stained glass” art! Everyone from ages 2 - 6 had a good time!

Potato Mash

Have you ever used a potato masher to create art? It seemed to be the perfect shape to help us make a cloud!

We dipped our potato masher into light gray paint and then stamped our paper.

We then placed globs of paint below the cloud. One child added water to the paint and blew the paint down the paper. Another child took their straw and used it to roll the paint down the paper.

We added a sun and some raindrops once our paintings were dry!

Foam Rainbow

This was a new activity for us. I found these great foam art pieces on Amazon and we began making colorful art projects! They are so easy to use! Just dip the piece in water and stick to another foam piece. That’s it! No glue or tape. Easy breezy! It kept my kids entertained for quite a while.

Note: I didn’t allow the toddler to use these because he still tries to eat ALL. THE. THINGS.


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