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Upcoming Science Experiments

As promised, I'm here with science experiments for the next couple weeks! Some experiments will have labs you can print with your child and fill out.

If you have a preschool through first grade child then they can write keywords, draw pictures, or dictate to you what should be written (their words- not yours).

If your child is writing their thought process on the lab sheet I want to give you a friendly reminder: not everything has to be spelled correctly.

I know, I know. It can be painful to sit back and watch or in this case, read. Rule of thumb: correct only 1/3 of the misspelled words. Yes, you read that correctly: 1/3. This helps build mastery and does not overwhelm or deflate your child. I promise they won't grow up to be horrible spellers with this approach. Encourage them to use their decoding skills when spelling unfamiliar words.

Okay, back to science. Check out my first round of labs. I will have videos posted on Facebook and Instagram. Your child can follow along and pause to fill out the lab or just watch the entire video. Completely up to you!

Magic Milk Germs

Air Date: Tuesday, March, 17th at 10:00 am

Supplies Needed: · Pie dish (or empty tupperware container)

· Food color (two colors)

· Dish soap

· 1 cup of milk

Dancing Worms

Air Date: Thursday, March 19th at 10:00 am

Supplies Needed:

· Gummy worms

· Baking soda

· Vinegar

· Cups

· Plastic knife


Air Date: Tuesday, March 24th at 10:00 am

Supplies Nedeed:

· Coffee Filters or Tissue paper

· Paper cups

· Plastic Cups

· Straws

· Pipe cleaners

· Army men/egg

Edible Slime (don't be scared parents - this washes out of clothes)

Air Date: Thursday, March 26th at 10:00 am

*No Lab Sheet*

Supplies Needed:

· Snack pack pudding (vanilla is your best bet)

· Cornstarch (one small box/container)

· Spoon

*Suggested: parchment paper or a counter to work on*

Plant Life Cycle

Post Date: Wednesday, March 18th

This will be an ongoing observation (let's see how much our plant grows during this crazy time in our lives).

Supplies Needed:

· Sandwich Bag

· Bean seeds

· Paper towel

· Construction or printer paper

Print this PDF to document observations


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