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5 Things to Use All Month from Mother Goose Time

Mother Goose Time (Experience Curriculum) comes with so many fun projects, crafts and activities each month, but I wanted to share my five favorite things to use all month long! ~This post May contain affiliate links~

  1. Books and Magnets

Each month you receive at least one lovely picture book that matches the theme. The book includes magnets, which my children adore! It helps with retelling, story elements, and engaging even the most fidgety children.

2. Puzzles

Sticking with the monthly theme from Experience Curriculum are the puzzles! Each month a great new puzzle comes! My toddler and kindergartener love these.

3. Would You Rather

This is a fun game whether you are an adult or child! These six (or more) would you rather question cards are something we use when we need a mental break during the day or at dinner as a family. I cut them apart and keep them in a bucket for us to choose from. We all thoroughly enjoy it!

4. Games

There is at least one new game every month! Some resemble typical board game set ups, bingo, or shoots and ladders. We play these games over and over again all month long! I will sometimes make the games more challenging for my older kiddo by adding another rule or making them roll and add/subtract instead of just counting.

5. Manipulatives

See those adorable ducks? They came with the pond kit. We have also received pig counters, tangrams and so many more fun manipulatives to use. They can be used beyond the curriculum for sorting, skip counting, adding, subtracting, or graphing.

So there you have it: 5 of my favorite things from our Mother Goose Time kits w we continuously use throughout each month (or longer).

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