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Academic Choice

What is academic choice and why am I a huge proponent? Let’s explore!

We need to assist students in becoming decision makers. In this day and age, we are constantly faced with decisions big and small. From what to eat for breakfast to which major to choose in college. Students need to make decisions that will benefit their education and their life long term. Students also need to take ownership of their work.

Academic Choice is a great way for students to develop these lifelong skills. Currently, students in my language arts class are choosing their word study activities based on their particular learning styles. They are also choosing to complete projects based on Think Dot sheets. They even choose their reading activities (for silent reading and independent reading). Students are gaining independence and are learning to choose methods which meet their learning needs.

To learn more about academic choice click on the links below.

Read an education article on the success and benefits of academic choice:

Here is a current Think Dot sheet I am using in my classroom as an enrichment activity:

Click here to download!

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