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All About Me

It’s September, which means fresh starts for many of us! We like to begin the year with self reflection and self care; in other words an All About Me unit!

We began with self portraits and exploring Picasso! The children used mirrors during the process.

We used colored pencils to draw our portraits.

Next we talked about how to date for our bodies! Sleep is SO important (for you too moms and dads)! We explored The Starry Night and talked about Van Gogh. Then each child used paint brushes and bristle balls to paint Their own version of the famous painting. We used the materials from

our Experience Curriculum unit and an Usborne Art book!

We used Keva Planks to create beds to sleep in. If you haven’t tried Keva Planks you should! They are so much fun to build with. A great STEM tool!

Another way to care for our bodies is to study germs. We conducted TWO germ experiment! the first was with pepper and the second with milk and food dye!

Pepper Experiment:

  1. Pour water in a bowl

  2. Sprinkle pepper in the bowl

  3. Dip your finger in the bow. Does the paper stick? Yes- just like germs on your skin

  4. Wipe your hand off and dip it in dish soap

  5. Place your finger in the water with the soap and swirl.

  6. Pull your finger out of the water. Did the pepper (“germs”) stick?

To find out how to conduct the milk ”germ” experiment click here!

Fine motor skills need a tune up? We used tweezers and beads to pull “loose teeth” today! Experience Curriculum supplied this fun activity! The kids loved it! We eventually set a timer and raced!

We know brushing our teeth is so very important! today we used egg cartons, dirt and tooth brushes to practice brushes our teeth thoroughly!

We even helped the dog brush his teeth this week!

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