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Animal Tracks

It is getting chilly where we live and we hope snow will soon arrive! Until that time we are having a great time exploring animal tracks with instant snow.

We used instant snow from Amazon (you can grab some yourself here) and used a wide variety of plastic animals to make tracks. The three’s class absolutely loved this activity. They then spent 45 additional minutes playing happily with animals in the instant snow! One thing I love about instant snow is how you can add water to it when it dries out and reuse it for several days!

We also played a super fun game from our Experience Curriculum box this month! Playing games helps with following directions, general listening skills, sharing, taking turns, and can cover academic concepts! This particular game reviewed common animal tracks we explored earlier in the day, colors, and counting. Everyone loved it!

To continue with our snow theme, we made snowy owl puppets! Each project came out as unique as each child’s personality. They loved playing with their owl puppets afterward.

So much fun with threes this week!

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