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Birds of a Feather

Continuing with our bird unit this month! We have been studying so many types of birds just learning more about birds and flight (by the way - we will break from this unit for a couple weeks and come back in mid-fall).

Science and math coming together

Have you ever incorporate math and science? That is what we did this week! We used bird feathers to measure objects around the house. How many feathers do you think it took to cover the length of our school table? Our estimate was 10, but we were wrong: 12 it was! Those pretty feathers were in our Experience Curriculum kit.

My middle child is continuing to practice individual letter sounds and matching. The egg alphabet match that came in our Experience Curriculum kit has been perfect for this!

Of course, I like to incorporate food whenever possible! We learned all about robins and eagles (among other birds). Did you know robins lay blue eggs? This seemed like a perfect excuse to make chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzel "nests." We also made an eagle! The base you see is an Oreo. We then rolled a marshmallow in icing and covered it with shredded coconut. We stuck a cashew on for a beak and two mini chocolate chips for eyes. And - YES- these treats were gobbled up!

To wrap up our unit we did a little measuring. 8 feet (to 15) is the wingspan of an eagle. WOWZA! Did you know a human's "wing span" is the same as our height? Lay on the ground and spread our arms, mark them with chalk and then measure!

Until next time!


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