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Bug Bodies

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We dove into all things bugs again this week! We focused on how bugs can camouflage themselves!

First up: Walking Stick! We were so fortunate to actually find a walking stick on the local playground! The kids were fascinated with its size!

After reading all about the walking stick in our Experience Curriculum (Mother Goose Time) pack, we made our own walking stick bugs!

Next up was moths! The kids learned how they too can camouflage themselves and that they are nocturnal! Check out the moth wand each child created (thanks to our curriculum pack).

No matter the age, they all loved it! It is fun to see how a child can make the project their own!

I bought a nifty mini microscope off Amazon this week and we used it to look at prepared slides of honeybee legs and a dragonfly wing. It really helped the children understand how an insect‘s body works!

Hands on science for elementary
Hands on science for elementary


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