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Chugging Along

My toddler is obsessed with all things that go, which is why Experience Early Learning’s box is perfect for him this month!

Disclaimer: I am not paid to use this curriculum, but I do use it for free. I absolute love it and that’s why I love to share! Check it out here!

This sweet train craft was a favorite activity last week! They loved stringing the pasta on pipeclenaers. I love this activity because it allows preschoolers to work on counting and fine motor-skills. Building fine motor-skills with fun hands-on activities helps to develop the muscles and reflexes needed when grasping a pencil down the road.

Trains Chugging Along

Of course if we are focusing on trains this week, then building the world’s longest train track with little buddies is a must! This is a gentle reminder: playing IS learning. Children need time to be imaginative and to problem-solve on their own. I do play with them for the first 10-15 minutes, but then I slowly back away and allow them to learn how to play on their own. It is a gift to them (and myself quite frankly).

Favorite Train Books

Our day is never complete unless we have read a few books! Two of our favorites this week are: The Little Engine That Could (a timeless classic, with a wonderful premise of helping others no matter how small) and Choose Your Own Journey (an interactive Usborne book).

A little note: I am using this curriculum exclusively with three year olds this school year, so all activities and projects will reflect what is developmentally appropriate at this age.


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