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Down on the Farm: Week 1

We switched gears to a kit from Experience Curriculum that I’ve been holding on to: Down on the Farm. I wanted to wait until fall and after we began our mammals unit. A good way to tie those units together and then move into our weather unit!

This week we added a fun farm sensory bin! No matter the age, sensory bins are always a hit! The kids has a blast with the rice and dried beans!

We learned about pigs and cows this week! We know they are mammals because they have hair/fur, feed their babies using milk, have a backbone, and give birth to their young! We had a great time making pig snouts and then making silly cows.

It’s always fun to se how each age makes a craft their own!

We used our pig counters from our kit to practice math word problems, skip counting and just counting in general! The toddler used them for sorting colors!

We loved the new spin on Old McDonald! This book is an original from Experience Curriculum! It adds some silly animals but shows examples of accepting everyone! It comes with magnets which you can use for sequencing and retelling.

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