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Exploring Colors and Shapes with Toddlers

Exploring Shapes and Colors with Toddlers
Exploring Shapes and Colors with Toddlers

I post a lot about what I am doing with preschool, kindergarten, and first grade children but what is my toddler up to? Right now: colors and shapes!

My toddler loves these counting bears (they came in our Weather and Seasons kit from Experience Curriculum). They are great for color sorting, size order, and simple counting! Their larger size makes them easy to grip and they are fairly sturdy when standing.

These large shape links are also from our Experience Curriculum kit this month. They are terrific for shape recognition, sorting both shapes and colors, building motor skills, and simple counting! My toddler loves playing with them’ they are also fun to trace around!

These plastic tangram triangles are from a previous Experience Curriculum kit I received and they are holding up nicely! I traced them on large paper and my toddler had to find the right match (both in color and size). We are doing this with a variety of shapes. Easy and fun!

Dot markers (or bingo markers) are also a fun way to explore colors and color mixing! My toddler loves using them and they are washable. Win!


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