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Favorite Math Games

Summer slide is a real thing for many kids, but who wants to sit around doing worksheets and workbooks each day? I know I do not, nor do my kids!

What's the solution? Games!

Check out a few of our favorite games below!

Mathological Liar

This is such a fun game because the kids get to play detective while reviewing math skills. You could play two against two (each having two cards) or on teams as well with more family members/friends.

We use it at co-op and at home! It's also easy to bring to a restaurant or play at the dinner table in your own home. This game is available for grades 2 through 6. Rainbow Resource is a great place to purchase all levels.


This is always a favorite game! It is quick, so you can play just a couple rounds in ten minutes or less with ease! They make multiplication, addition, subtraction and language arts games as well.

We throw this game in our school bag and play at practices, restaurants, or just while I am making dinner! Find a variety of versions on Amazon or Rainbow Resource.

Sum Swamp

Sum Swamp had been a staple for all three of my boys. When we begin playing, we use cubes or counters to represent the addition and subtraction problems. This game is generally pretty quick (12 or less minutes on average) and reinforces mental math skills for simple addition and subtraction.

This is a Learning Resources game and their stuff holds up so well! You can buy directly from Learning Resources, but can sometimes find this on Amazon or even at Target.


Multiplication dominoes was a great game to reinforce multiplication facts and it also works on logical and critical thinking skills. It's tactile, which is terrific for kinesthetic learners. My boys always asked to play this game while learning their facts.

This game can be found on, Amazon or Walmart's websites.


Proof is a fun card game that stretches a child's use of mental math. You use all four main functions and apply them to each card. You could play this with your child, as they learn all functions. It is geared toward middle and upper elementary. It is a fast-paced game if you want it to be! Find it on Amazon.


If you ever played 24, this game is similar. Using mental math and all four functions (or just the ones a child is currently mastering) they find their way to the number in the middle. It can be a pretty quick game for those who know most of their math facts, but you can definitely use it as they are learning their facts with multiplication charts, whiteboards, or manipulatives. Find it on Amazon.

Money Games!

Money Bags and Making Change are our two favorite money games.

Money Bags is great for coin recognition and adding coins. It helps with skip counting, mental math (addition), and you can also use multiplication if your child is ready. It is another game from Learning Resources that has held up very well!

Making Change would be the next step in using money. You do just what the title says: learn to make change! You buy a variety of products, which have a given amount in the card. It is great for mental math, but it is definitely okay to use a whiteboard or paper to work out subtraction problems as well. It's never wrong to show work!


Fractions can be intimidating, but playing games can make them stick and make it fun! Fracto does just that! Fractions are shown as words, pictures, and numbers which is a great review! The goal is to use the cards to make one whole. It allows for like and unlike denominators to be added. It's a quick game, taking our family just under fifteen minutes. This is a great option for visual learners. Find it on Amazon!

Pizza Fraction Fun

This game has been used for years both at home and in my classroom. You get to spin and add slices of pizza (with various delicious toppings). The pizza slices are a variety of sizes (fourths, eighths, etc.) This is an excellent option for kinesthetic and visual learners.

The picture above is the old style, but the new game is just as great (just prettier). You can find it on Amazon or directly from Learning Resources.


Sequence has SO MANY variations and our family cannot get enough of each one. We have traditional and junior, states and capitals, and now numbers. This math version focuses on addition and subtraction and is great for building mental math capabilities. It can be a bit of a longer game, but no one will complain.

*This game is hard to find, but try Amazon, Ebay, or Book sales!


Bingo is tried and true. It is great for younger and older kids when you want to review or for an informal assessment. We particularly like telling time bingo and I'll add elapsed time questions for older children if we play with multiple ages. Remember, you can always extend a game with critical thinking questions!

Find it on Amazon!

Three Corner Flashcards

So, these aren't technically a game, but we put a triangle pocket of paper on one corner and add a timer to create a game. You put all cards with one corner in the triangular pocket and then flip a one-minute timer. The goal is to get through as many cards as you can. You may a correct and incorrect pile throughout the game. At the end you only practice the cards you did not get correct.

If you are ready to let go of workbooks this summer, I can assure you these games will cement mathematical concepts for your children this summer and throughout the school year.


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