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First Day of School Printable

I just love new beginnings and this year I am particularly excited. My youngest is almost 3.5 and the rest are school age, which means this year we can truly tap into the themes I love while including ALL of my children. I love the baby stage but preschool and grade school are my jam. I've been waiting for this moment and I plan on cherishing every moment (even the whining and insane messes because those are factors of homeschool life).

To start our year, I like to document some of their favorites, as well as their goals. You might wonder what type of goals a preschool or grade school aged child may have. Let me give you some examples:

  • I want read a book by myself

  • I want to learn to tie my shoes

  • I want to go poop on the potty (yep - life skill for toddlers y'all)

  • I want to learn how to cook something by myself (life skills count- they are so often overlooked)

  • I want to master my addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts

  • I want to improve my handwriting

  • I want to learn how to type

  • I want to learn my shapes

  • I want to learn more about ---- insert current favorite obsession (animals, cars, etc)

  • I want to try something new

  • I want to learn how to play ----- (musical instrument, a game, or sport)

The opportunities for goals are endless. As a parent you should make a goal too. I like to then make a list and display them on our bulletin board. One of my goals was to take a new college course this year (I have a few degrees but want to continue to learn new things). It is always great for us to model what we want from our children.

Want to document your first day of school? Grab the free PDF First Day of School Printable below! Print it out and make goals and memories together.

First Day of School Printable
First Day of School Printable

first day of homeschool template
Download PDF • 375KB

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Happy Schooling!


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