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Gift of Grace

On this Mother’s Day give yourself the gift of grace.

Grace while you school your children at home even though this may not be what you signed up for.

Grace for the emails, texts, and phone calls that may have not been returned and the Zoom call with children screaming in the background.

Grace for the messes around your house and laundry fluffed for the third time.

Grace for the dinner for forgot the dethaw and the cereal your kids are inhaling.

Grace for when your rose your voice, even though you said you wouldn’t.

Grace for the Pinterest projects that didn’t quite work out or that you’d rather not even attempt.

Grace for the hours spent on work that you wish were spent elsewhere.

Grace for the screen time you swore you wouldn’t let happen for your kids or yourself.

You see if you give yourself grace, you give yourself a lighter heart.

If you give yourself grace, then messes matter less and mistakes becoming learning tools.

If you give yourself grace, you become happier because you know life isn’t perfect.

If you give yourself grace you’ll realize your house cannot always be clean, the dishes may sit in the sink, your children may watch one more show, but that’s just a moment in time. It doesn’t define you as a mother.

So, this Mother’s Day if you are feeling worn out and like you’ve reached your breaking point give yourself grace.

Grace is the best gift you can give yourself and your children. For if you give yourself grace, they will do the same for others.


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