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Hibernation and Migration

Hibernation and Migration

It’s that time of year where we find squirrel nests in the cars, see animals gathering and storing, and watch as birds fly toward warmer weather.

This week we explored hibernation and migration (with dash of adaptation). We read two books “Do Bears Wear Hats?” (thanks to Experience Curriculum for writing this cute story) and “Animal Homes” (and Usborne book). Then we created a flap book of common winter animal homes in North America.

Flap book - hibernation

Then we created adorable little bear caves! The kids had so much fun with this project! We used paper bags, bear cutouts and fake leaves To decorate our “cave.” Did you know some scientists are conflicted on whether bears actually hibernate? They tend to wake up during the winter but don’t venture out long, if at all.

We also decorated beautiful butterflies (cut outs supplied in our Experience Curriculum kit). It is so fun to see how each child decorated, from

toddlers to first grade.

We continued our hibernation theme by utilizing our counting bears to explore patterns and solve word problems. These bears are extra large which makes them fun for all ages!

Next week we will begin our rainforest adventure! Can’t wait to share it with you!

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