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In a Little Canoe

We are wrapping up our transportation unit with my three’s co-op class, as well at home. This past week we focused on things that float! One of which was a canoe. This was absolutely perfect, as we just went canoeing a few days prior!

This particular topic also aligned seamlessly with our Native American unit. Building and using canoes was imperative for many tribes, as they fished, transported goods, and traveled. So this week we each painted paper canoes and ores using the materials from Experience Curriculum.

Canoe painting

It is always neat to watch how each child makes a project their own and it is particularly interesting to watch a wide variety of ages complete the same project. I try to offer several opportunities throughout our week where our activities are accessible to all ages and skill levels. Experience Curriculum helped accomplish this last week!

To continue our canoe theme, we used kid friendly search engines to find out how canoes can be made today. We then compared the types of canoes we could use (fiberglass, wood and aluminum are three examples).

One simple lesson was able to reach across the curriculum touching on history, science, art, reading, and writing. ❤️ Don’t over complicate your lessons (at home or in the classroom). Allow time for creativity, critical thinking, and rabbit trails. You won’t believe how much your children or students will blossom, not to mention their engagement and passion for learning will skyrocket!


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