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Insect Wrap Up

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This week we wrapped up our super fun insect and bug unit with Mother Goose Time (Experience Curriculum).

My kids loved these past few weeks! One reason: the super fun way you learn about bugs like worms (did you know they normally surface only at night time and otherwise stay underground?). This week’s unit included a fun worm game! Can you race to get your worm to a leaf? I love how we get a new game (or two) to play each month!

We, of course, had to then make yummy worm dirt cups as a snack!

Don’t worry we wiggled like a worm quite a bit first!

Hands on learning for prek and elementary
Hands on learning for prek and elementary

This bug unit has been a blast! We ALL learned so much! Want to get your hands on fun, engaging, open and go curriculum for preschool and even early elementary? Check out Experience Curriculum!


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