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Let's Make Art

If you are home with your kids for the summer or trying to plan curriculum for the upcoming school year, an art class or unit might be on your list. Unfortunately, most art classes are not meeting in person right now. My kids love art! They love painting, drawing, and crafting! This momma is crafty, but not exactly an artist!

Enter two great books: Usborne Lift-the-Flap Art and Art Treasury.

I would suggest beginning with Lift-the-Flap Art. It is divided into sections packed with information.

  • Exploring Art

  • Making Art

  • Colorful Ideas

  • Moving Images

  • Bright Lights

  • Hidden Meanings

  • Art Detectives

  • Arty Words

To make the unit hands-on and meaningful, I've created a lesson log with art projects. Check it out below or download the free PDF here.

Once we are done with Lift-the-Flap Art, we will move on to Art Treasury, which shows children famous works of art and has a project for you to do at home!

Need to order books? Click below!

Hopefully this eases your momma, teacher stress level! Enjoy!


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