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Little Rain Cloud

Do you remember laying in the grass as a child, staring up at clouds? We used to imagine they were knights, horses, and elephants. What I did not realize as a young child, was that those different shapes were made from different types of clouds!

Types of clouds preschool and elementary
Types of clouds preschool and elementary

This week we learned about three types of clouds during our Weather and Seasons unit. We then made those clouds out of cotton balls.

We also conducted one of our most favorite experiments: shaving cream rain cloud! This was a fun addition to our Weather and Seasons unit. The kids never get tired of this experiment! Preschool through second grade participated and absorbed various levels of understanding.

Check out how much fun they are having! What is so great after doing these types of projects and experiments is then having a rainy or foggy day and then being able to explain to you why the weather is doing what it is. It’s a come full circle moment and it makes you so proud as a parent and teacher.


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