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Peeps Book Report Dioramas and Presentations

My kids love these gooey, sweet marshmallow Peeps. They really don't jive with my taste buds, but I do LOVE using them as a teaching tool. Yes, you read that right. I don't want to eat them, but I do use them for so many fun projects!


My two older homeschool co-op writing classes, just wrapped up their book reports (grab the book report template here). Part of their report was to choose their favorite scene and then create a diorama depicting it.

Third through sixth graders completed this project and they did an excellent job! Check out some of their work.

I used rubrics to grade the dioramas and to grade their oral presentations.

We had three categories and went over the rubric before they planned their dioramas. I also always show pictures, so they can begin brainstorming. Visual learners need models to hit the ground running. It is amazing how creative each child can be!

Once their diorama was complete, they began rehearsing their oral presentation. I had them fill out a book report presentation form (grab the whole book report bundle here).

I mean look at this creativity! Each diorama showcases its creator's personality and captures their passion for reading.

Ready to complete this project in your homeschool co-op, classroom, or just at home with your family? Grab the bundle below!


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