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Pond Life: Insects

Listen, I will pick up a snake but I am grossed out by insects. I will scream if one gets stuck in my hair. Ladybugs and butterflies are my exception. I have a solid appreciation for bees but the rest of them - stay away.

Luckily, Mother Goose Time curriculum made our week on insects around the pond quite bearable for this momma and teacher.

See this adorable craft? It’s a water strider. We also made sweet dragonflies and learned they can fly 30 miles per hour (they are the fastest flying insect).

We played the new game in our kit. We also went back and played a game or two from last week that we enjoyed!

The children practiced their early readers and then read aloud to each other. We wrote in our pond journals and danced to music from our pond life CD.

In the middle of the week we visited a new pond complete a flock of geese and goslings. We caught tiny frogs, some of which still had a tadpole tail barely showing. It was a peaceful week in the midst of a chaotic world.

One more week of our pond unit and then it is off to treasure island (and all things beach/ocean). We can’t wait!


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