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Pond Life: Plants

This week we embarked on the wonderful world of pond plants! We covered emergent, submerging, floating plants, bogs, and algae.

Lily pads ages 3.5 - 6

The children had so much fun making their own lily pads with the supplies from our Mother Goose Time kit.

Algae paintings ages 2- 6

We also painted scenes of algae using paint, glue and shaving cream. When you mix shaving cream and paint it creates a puffy picture when dry. We added a little glitter as well!

We had so much fun playing the games this week from Mother Goose Time: memory match and a raccoon board game. We decided to add a fun lily pad subtraction game of our own and played outside quite a bit!

We also devoured yummy cattail snacks (chocolate covered bananas), as we read aloud the book that came with our kit.

Measuring cattails (bog plants)

Later in the week we found a few real cattails and measured them. We completed an observation sheet as well. You can grab a free PDF here!

Floating ducks science experiment

How many ducks will stay afloat? This fun science experiment brought our duck counters back out from our Mother Goose Time kit. How many do you think it took before it sank? Can you count in the picture above?

We wrapped up our week by reading the book Ponds. It reinforces much of what we have learned over the past two weeks and introduced our upcoming topics (insects for one). The kids loved this book and I *may* have learned a thing or two also!

Ponds by Usborne

Do you need a copy of this book? Order it here!


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