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Summer Reading

It’s that time of year again when summer reading programs are getting ready to begin and while it can be exciting to start something fresh (not to mention just having a short-term commitment), it can also be frustrating and daunting to readers with disabilities or those who just don't love reading (or love being told specific books they must read).

I have a child with dyslexia and for a few years these programs were met with tears, mostly from me. He wasn’t able to participate fully and “on grade level” in his beginning reading years. This broke my momma heart. He also became a little frustrated with specific lists, as they were not always fonts that were easy for him to read or they were just not right for his brain (by the way - you can request large font books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.).

We are now at a point where he can fully participate in all reading programs, but I have not forgotten the feeling of sadness when this was not a realistic possibility. Because of our experience I decided to create an adaptive summer reading program for those with any type of reading disability.

You can grab it for free below!

This reading challenge allows audiobooks, read alouds, and reading in different formats to take place.

Maybe you have a child who is on the spectrum, and they cannot focus on a chapter book but will read every instruction manual, cereal box, or recipe in your home. GREAT! Let them do it!

*Don't forget You Tube has a wide array of books which authors have narrated for their fans. This allows for visual and auditory processors to connect with a book.

Auditory processing and comprehension are important tools and so we shall not discount audiobooks as an option for reading either. I also have several clients with limitations in their eyesight or gross motor skills, so holding and reading a traditional book is difficult. This does not mean they should not be exposed to literature. A parent, sibling, or narrator are all worthy reading tools.

Then we have picture books. Just because you can read a novel, does not mean it is always easy or enjoyable, also you can learn amazing things from picture books. From animal facts, historical perspectives, emotional and social education, the list could go on. You never truly outgrow picture books, so why do we take them away? I still enjoy reading them with my children and they enjoy reading them to each other.

My goal in creating this summer literacy challenge is to encourage all types of reading and for all types of leaners to participate.

So, if you have an advanced reader, struggling reader, or one somewhere in-between, download my free resource!

Once completed fill out the form and you’ll receive a personalize certificate via email to print. In addition, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $15 Amazon gift card to purchase new books! Three winners will be chosen on August 20th!

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram: @thesophisticatedteacher #summerreadingchallengeforall

Let’s instill a love for reading this summer in a way that best benefits each of our children!

Happy reading!



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