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Treasure Island: Boats, Islands & Fun

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We kicked off our Treasure Island unit with Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time) this week! This might be one of our most favorite units for preschool, kindergarten and first grade!

To start our unit we discussed what islands are and looked at pictures of islands. We also looked at maps and learned that Greenland is the largest island. Once I saw everyone had a solid understanding of islands we used some of my favorite tempera paint sticks to create our own islands!

Experience Early Learning incorporates a great preschool science curriculum and can easily be extended to use for kindergarten and first grade science lessons!

When learning about boats during this week’s lessons, we decided to set up a STEAM station. Each child created their own boats and we tested to see if they would float!

Check out some of the results in the video below!

This works for 2 year old preschoolers too! Everyone was able to make a boat to the best of their ability. To extend learning for kindergarten curriculum and first grade curriculum I used the science handout below. It allows students to trace or circle their answers, tailoring to different writing abilities. Download your free copy here!

The Sophisticated Teacher - Science for kindergarten
The Sophisticated Teacher - Science for kindergarten

Once we had a good handle on islands, boats, and captains it was time to build our large ship! Buying from Costco and Sam’s online paid off for this project! The large boxes I saved were perfect! The kids used their captain’s hats and eye patches (these crafts cake with our curriculum) during imaginary play! I love a good play school curriculum and experience!

Of course we read aloud our fun new book! We also used the magnetic storytelling set to reinforce sequence of events!

We still have so much more to dive into this week and throughout this unit! Don’t forget to

Experience Early Learning Curriculum
Experience Early Learning Curriculum


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