Treasure Island: Fun in the Sun

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This week we’ve had a blast exploring all things summer using Experience Curriculum's Treasure Island theme (check out themes here)! From crabs to sunglasses!

Crab Craft The Sophisticated Teacher Experience Curriculum

We made adorable little crabs using paper cups and construction paper. We added beads inside the cups, so when the crabs walked side to side (by the way almost every type of crab moves sideways) it sounded like claws clicking. Grab your curriculum here!

Sun Science Experiment PreK Kindergarten First Grade The Sophisticated Teacher Experience Curriculum

We learned why sunglasses are so important for our eye health and made our own, after testing out the material used for blocking UV rays.

Check out these fun sunglasses!

Letter Sounds Game PreK Kindergarten The Sophisticated Teacher Experience Curriculum

Pre-K and kindergarten kiddos practiced their letter sounds with a fun sunglass matching activity.

Meanwhile, I added on a dot-to-dot syllable activity for the rising first graders and we played a telling time game!

When I needed an extension or brain break we used some Usborne Maze Cards this week. They are SO much fun! Sometimes the kids used them independently and other times in pairs. It is a great way to get them thinking critically.

Need to order some? Click here! They are great for the car, a trip, a restaurant, or just while you’re making dinner!

Next up: Wind, Sun, Sandcastles, and so much more! See you soon!

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