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We Missed You

I know as a teacher you NEVER have students who are absent, especially not for 3 or more days at time. You know those mid-year vacations – maybe when I have kids I will have a new appreciate for these, until then, I created the We Missed You sheet.

I was sick of having stacks of paper floating around and needed to organize! Plus, I work with 5th graders and they are capable of helping their peers and taking on some of the responsibility. Win-win for everyone!

The “We Missed You” sheet allows students to fill out what their friend/peer missed in class. They carry the sheet with them and fill it out. They also paperclip any materials that were used that day in class. Then they leave it on their absent friend’s desk.


It is also great if a parent comes in to pick up work. It is all there with directions.

I DO model this for my students, so that the sheet is filled out correctly.

Want your “We Missed You” sheet? Download it for free at my store!   If you want me to change it to an owl just let me know. I have over a dozen colors!


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