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What Does Homeschooling Look Like?

One question I am asked by moms, former colleagues (I was a teacher for nine years), family members, the random lady at Target who wonders why school aged children are out in the middle of the day, and those just curious about homeschool is: What Does Homeschooling Look Like?

This question does not have a one size fits all answer! There are so many different styles of teaching and ways to reach children, whether you’re in the classroom or in your home.

I can share what it looks like for our family. First some background, I’m a former elementary

school teacher (still licensed), I have also taught for private co-ops, and I evaluate homeschool children in my home state. Why this information? Well, it drives the way I teach and while it might be right for us, your homeschool life could look very different (which is a-okay).

What is our style of homeschooling? Eclectic! I am a Charlotte Mason, Classical, and Contemporary homeschooler. Yeah - that’s right. I’m a hodgepodge. Why? Well, all my children learn a little differently and I have found varying our activities keeps their interest (and mine quite frankly). Is it a-okay if your family has a very specific style? ABSOLUTELY! That’s the beauty of homeschool!

So what does homeschooling look like for my family?

Homeschool Life

Some days we are knee deep in craft supplies

and paint or STEM activities and hands-on learning games! I like to add a few sensory bins and other sensory activities to the mix. We don’t do these things every day or even every week because a momma has other things to do too (and a toddler who destroys all the things).

Homeschool Life

Other days we are focused on research, reading countless books, and checking off assignments in our purchased curriculum. We may do puzzles and engage in educational computer time as well.

Homeschool Life

And then we have days where we bake, play games, dump out toys and imagine, build train tracks, splash in puddles, cuddle on the couch and watch a show or read a book, visit a grandparent, or go on a field trip.

You see homeschool isn’t replicating everything about the typical classrooom, but learning while living our everyday life.

We have a lot of really productive days and some where we throw in the towel. We have crafts and activities that take a lot of prep and book work that is open and go. It’s a balance. It’s about reading your kid and knowing their needs. It is about seeing progress through various avenues. It’s about their love for learning and our time together.

So, if you ask me what homeschooling looks like be prepared for a hodgepodge, longwinded answer! I’m thankful we have this opportunity.


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