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Window Markers Save the Day

I L.O.V.E. window markers! As a classroom teacher I was always looking for a way to utilize wall space and as a homeschool mom, the battle continues!

Enter window markers! Here are a few easy ways to use them at home or in your classroom.

Use markers to trace animals, maps, shapes, or other drawings. This can be for fun or can tie to your academic units! We colored frogs during our Frog Mini Unit.

Use window markers to review! We have used them to match uppercase and lowercase letters, problems and solutions in math, circling and crossing out nouns/verbs/adjectives. There is no limit to what you can review and for some reason it is SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN. on a window than on paper!

Use your window markers to create stained glass art. Just use painters tape or thin masking tape to layout your design, color it in, and remove the tape! This is a favorite rainy day activity!


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