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As we continue our DinoLand unit, I have implemented a few activities which are proven to keep a toddler’s attention (at least they did for my kiddo)!

Tangram pieces (we have wooden ones from Amazon, along with plastic ones from my our Experience Curriculum kits) are fun for toddlers to use and manipulate. We used them to create dinosaurs this week!

Tangrams are also great for reviewing both shapes and colors! Want to work on counting? This is an organic way to do so! Just count as you build!

I also took the time to fossilize (freeze) a few dinosaurs in plastic baggies.

We then took a giant dropper (okay it is a turkey baster) and freed the dinosaurs. You could use eyedroppers with older children.

This activity captivated my toddler for about forty minutes and we did it twice this week! Huge win!

As for the older children - we decided to pretend we were paleontologists and dig for dinosaur bones!


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