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Frog Mini Unit

Frog Mini Unit

This week's focus: FROGS

To get started, we will do some lily pad skip counting. Using sidewalk chalk (or paper cut our like lily pads if you are indoors) draw twelve lily pads around your driveway. In the middle of each lily pad write numbers by 5s (5, 10, 15, 20, up through 60). Do NOT write them in order. You want your child to hop around like a frog finding each lily pad in the skip counting sequence.

Next up, print the Frog Life Emergent Reader here. You'll want to cut it out and staple it like a book. Read through this book with your child twice. The first time you may be reading together. The second time, have your child read the majority of the book.

Then have your child answer the comprehension questions from the PDF.

Once you have finished these activities, it is time to complete Life of the Frog cut and paste activity. You can download that here! Life of the Frog cut and paste activity. You can download that here!

Now it is time for an art break! Use this FREE instant download printable! Then follow the steps below to create a fun frog craft! Once you are finished, scroll to the bottom for one last frog activity!

  1. Gather your supplies as listed below and print your frog.

  2. Color and cut out your frog

  3. Punch two holes parallel to each other on either side of the toilet paper roll (four holes total)

  4. String the yarn or ribbon through all four holes (the length of the string should be about 18 inches - one long piece)

  5. Tie beads on the ends (or use tape), so the string won't slip through the punched holes

  6. Tape or glue your frog on the toilet paper roll

Let’s check out how your frog works! hang your frog on a door handle and pull both ends with the beads at once.

Last, but not least, let's write about your frog! You just made a very jumpy frog. Where do you think he would travel to if he could? Would he take a journey to the grocery store? Maybe to the neighborhood swimming pool? Write and draw about it using this printable!

Want to learn more? Checkout the San Diego's zoo video on Fantastic Frogs!


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