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Gingerbread Play-Doh

It is getting chilly out and our house is decorated for Christmas, which means it’s time to break out the gingerbread play-doh!

This is a favorite of mine for the classroom or at home because it smells delicious, it isn’t toxic, and it cleans up easily! That’s right- no staining or permanent damage to your carpet! You can dissolve it with hot water and a little scrub if needed! Have a toddler who eats all the things? No big deal! Let him try it - he will be fine! ;) No dyes, no artificial anything!

Ready for the recipe? Check out the image below!

I love to set this up with fun little Christmas themed trinkets. Most of what I use comes from the craft store or Dollar Store. I use a bin with a tight fitting lid to store it all once we are finished (I keep dough for about a week or so).

I also use a large divided platter for organization while we are creating!

The kids have so much fun playing with this play-doh! I am talking HOURS of quiet play!


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