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Igloos, icicles and ice

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This week we dove into all things winter! We started the week by learning about igloos and then building them with various materials!

Then we moved to icicles! SciKid has a terrific video on how icicles are formed! We also watched a time lapse of icicles forming. We then made our own icicle craft.

Icicle art for prek, kindergarten and first grade

Did you know each snowflake is unique, just like we are? We made our own (with glitter- man am I glutton for punishment) to reflect our style!

Snowflake craft for prek, kindergarten and first grade

We couldn’t end our week without a science experiment! We placed ice cubes on plates and poured one teaspoon of salt, sugar or baking soda on each. We then set the timer for five minutes to see which would melt first! Any guesses?

Ice science for prek, kindergarten and first grade

If you guesses salt you are correct! The salt impedes the ability of the water molecules to form solid ice crystals. It doesn’t melt the ice persay, but it changes the point of freezing due to the molecule make up.

More fun snow activities headed your way next week!


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