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Kindergarten Explorers Online Week 2

Good morning! This post is for my Kindergarten Explorers families, but anyone is welcome to use it!

  • Materials you need to complete the lessons below: Legos (Duplos or little ones are fine - a variety of sizes/shapes)

  • Paint or stamp pads

  • Counters (Cheerios, Legos, mini erasers, etc)

  • Whiteboard or paper with a pencil

  • Coloring crayons/pencils

  • White paper (3 sheets)

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • This plant label handout

First up: Parts of a Plant. Please have the printed label sheet ready, along with a glue stick, scissors, coloring supplies, and a piece of white paper. Directions will follow along in the video. You will need to stop and pause the video periodically.

Next Up: Roll and Add

You will need paper and pencil or a whiteboard and marker to follow along. Having counters would be helpful too (mini erasers, Legos, Cheerios, etc).

Finally: Roll a Story. There are two separate videos for this activity. Children should have a piece of paper (hopefully lined appropriately), a pencil, and something to color with. They can create more stories if you pause the video and use your own dice at home! :)

Ready for a fun art activity? Try Lego stamping! Have your children take their Legos and stamp them in a thin layer of washable paint or on a stamp pad. Then they can make all kinds of figures and settings. Email me or have them make a video on Marco Polo and send it! I want to see what they make! :)

Last, but not least, don't forget to print our your Spout House and color it! Once it is colored, cut it out and tape your baggie with your seed and damp papertowel inside.

seed the log below to track the seed progress.


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