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Quick Language Arts Activities

Tic-Tac-Toe Reading Comprehension

   Write a series of comprehension questions/activities on a “tic-tac-toe” board and then allow students to choose the order they want to complete them (you can also complete a Think Dot sheet – shown below- which allows students to choose the order in which they complete the questions/activities). Students can use Post-Its, note cards, or their reading journal to complete the activities. This is also good for small group work. It can become a game or an on-going project.

 Reading cubes can be bought or created. You can also use writing cubes. It allows choice and is a little more fun than the traditional discussion/worksheet. Get the template for cubes here:

 Text Features Bingo      You can do this two ways.  1. Have students fill in the spaces with various text features, which have already been reviewed in class. 2. Create premade text feature bingo boards using a bingo generator (like this one:

As students read a nonfiction text (or as the teacher/tutor reads aloud) they mark text features they come across until they reach BINGO). It becomes a competition and students love it! The one stipulation I add, is students have to explain how the text features assist them in understanding the text. 

Practice spelling/word study words through word searches. They have to practice the spelling and it is a lot more fun than three time each. You can use graph paper or notebook paper. You can even have students create them for each other OR create one for homework and then solve it in class (now they have practiced their words twice). 


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