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Rainforest Wrap Up

We’ve had such a great time learning all about rainforests these past few weeks! We wrapped up by creating clay animals who reside in the rainforest! The littles of the bunch (the toddler) wrapped up our unit through the use of a fun sensory bin! Colored rice and little animals for the win! But don’t worry- I ended up vacuuming a lot of rice!

We used Crayola Air Dry clay and let it dry for four full days!

Crayola Air Dry clay rainforest animals

Once they were thoroughly dry we used acrylic paint to make them come alive!

Finished Air Dry clay animals

The first graders also wrapped up this unit by researching a rainforest animal of their choosing. They used this research packet from my Teachers Pay Teachers store! I checked out early readers that were appropriate for both shared and independent reading for each child. They filled out the research report over the course of three work days.

Once they finished, they created and framed artwork to use while presenting their research! Oral presentation skills at a young age are so important! The more exposure, the better!


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