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The air is crisp here and it smells like snow (yes - you know what I’m talking about)! We continued our Ice Castle unit by exploring snowmen this week!

First up: snowman slime! Elmer’s has this awesome slime activating product now. This means all you need is Elmers glue and activator! It is called magic liquid. Then we added some instant snow, some sparkly flakes, and some little white balls. We made a large batch of snow it was so fun to see the mixture become what we wanted.

Then we rolled into a ball and decorated it like a snowman! After a few minutes your snowman will “mel. Then we were able to talk about the process of melting and revisit our ic Click here

Click here for last week’s experiment!

Next up was our recycled art project. Using paper egg cartons we created snowmen! Just add some white paint, sequins, and scrap paper! These were adorable and each one was unique!

Did you miss my academic snowman link? Check it out here!

Still waiting for real snowflakes over here; hopefully soon l. :)


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